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A range of fine tissue papers such as toilet rolls, paper napkins, etc. of premium quality.....

About Us

Paper napkins are a must in sweaty summers, as they help in wiping sweat in a hygienic manner. Easily disposable, these paper napkins pose no threat to the environment as well. Backed by sound technological expertise and competence, M.G. Tissues has in a very short span of time emerged as a prominent manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of distinctive and cost efficient tissue papers and allied products. Our product galore comprises of products like Facial Tissue 2 Ply, Paper Napkin, Soft Tissues, Party Pack, Soft Tissues, Toilet Rolls, Imported Toilet Rolls, Toilet Rolls Without Emboss, Toilet Rolls Plain Without Emboss, Kitchen Towels, Hand Towel Tissues, etc.

Paper napkins and allied tissues are widely used in hygiene conscious areas such as Hotels, Hospitals, Contract cleaners, various Institutions and offices. We proudly claim that we have won the appreciation and trust of clients such as Silver Packaging, Prince Packaging P. Ltd., BSNL, L&T, Sony India, Tata Memorial, and many more for products and quality assurance at competitive prices.

Product Range

M.G. Tissues manufactures and supplies a wide range of bio-degradable and extremely hygienic range of tissue paper solutions such as:

  • Facial Tissues 2 Ply
  • Paper Napkins
  • Soft Tissues
  • Party Pack
  • Soft Tissues
  • Toilet Rolls
  • Imported Toilet Rolls
  • Toilet Rolls Without Emboss
  • Toilet Rolls Plain Without Emboss
  • Kitchen Towels
  • Hand Towel Tissues
  • Other Products: Beauty Tissues, Black Rose Metro Tissues, Black Rose Tissues, Face Tissues, Frooty Soft Tissues, Luxury Tissues, Marble Tissues, Max Tissues, Metro Tissues, Musafir Tissues, Pyramid Tissues, Suncity Soft Tissues, etc.

Most Popular Products
Beauty Tissues Paper
We manufacture and exports beauty tissues papers which are soft and known smooth texture.